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He is a teacher of English. Do you really think it's no good? That was the best day of my life. I saw a stranger enter that house. Does the sun appear? Why can't I sing like they can? He played golf every day during his vacation. Everybody puts me down. It was getting dark. Why did they fire him?
Canciones Ultrastar: - We adopted an alternative method.
- He got a loan from the bank.
- I saw tears in her eyes.
- I actually saw a ghost.
- I read the book from cover to cover.
- He beat the odds and was successful.
- The train made a brief stop.
- I was in the mountains.
- Could you lend me your bicycle for a couple of days?
- You can go if you want to.
I wasn't paying attention and I hit a car that stopped in front of me. That's good. How's your wife? Do as he tells you. What time did you get up? We don't meet very often recently. Everything is fine. There was an accident at the intersection. The doctor gave it to her. I'm a bit short of money now. Martin, who are you going to vote for?

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