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You need a license to drive a car. I use Firefox. There is always a solution to any problem. I want to get in touch with him. I am a professor of English in University of Wisconsin. I am excited at the prospect of seeing her. Don't be late for the train. I simply forgot to do it. Who won? There is an apple on the desk.
Begone: - I felt very relieved when I heard the news.
- I caught three fish yesterday.
- What happened last night?
- My laptop, do you see it?
- She is my classmate.
- I want to see my friends in Canada.
- A long time ago.
- Close your book.
- I've got to catch some Z's.
- The boy caught the dog by the tail.
Are you ready? Does he bathe in hot water? The storm didn't cause any damage. Paul has dry hair. I had him paint the gate last week. They don't take care of that dog. What is on Channel 10? We elected Tom captain of the team. I got him to repair my car. We appreciate your help.

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