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He could speak French. I can afford one, but not both. I think I'll start with a bottle of beer. She advised him to take a rest. What did you say your name was? The law was changed. Mary likes skiing the best of all. It's much too cold to swim. It would be great if we could meet again. You'll feel better.
Tor Onion: - We're from California.
- At 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
- No one will know.
- It's your move.
- This is an emergency.
- He's somewhat hard of hearing, so please speak louder.
- When did you get home?
- Whose book is that?
- He is very stingy with his money.
- We can depend on her to help us.
I never imagined myself going home so early. When does it land at Mumbai? He came by car instead of by train. Jane became taller than her mother. I have never fed my dog a banana. Has he arrived already? Where do you have your bank account? Would you like anything else? He's in bed with the flu. Communications broke down.

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